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Vela Candle
Vela Candle Vela Candle Vela Candle
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Maison Cactus

Vela Candle

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Vela ambiental modelo Candle de la marca Maison Cactus.


  • Your candle turns into a plant! First enjoy 60 hours amongst the Mediterranean fields of green orange trees. Then eaSily transform your ceramic into a plant thanks to your gardening kit (ORGANIC SEEDS and SOIL). It’s 100% dummy-proof, and don’t panic, it’s organic.
  • Once all the wax melted, clean the pot and poke a hole through the ceramic. Build up a light nest of soil (air should be able to go through) and plant your seed. Place your pot near or directly by a natural sun light source. Water every 3 days with 2 spoons only.