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Macarilla Clay Mask - White
Macarilla Clay Mask - White Macarilla Clay Mask - White
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Maison Cactus

Macarilla Clay Mask - White

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Mascarilla facial modelo Clay Mask de color blanco de la marca Maison Cactus.


  • Mascarilla facial de arcilla
  • Productos made in Catalunya.
  • Open your reusable bag, pour the clay in filtered or Rose Water, and gently mix until you get a thick and even paste. Apply the a mask on your face, avoiding eyes and mouth. Let dry for about 10 minutes, as soon as the clay dries. Wash off with cold water, and gently dry with a soft towel.
  • You can add to your mask : rosemary, chamomile, lavender, or lemongrass oil. Use your Clarifying Ayurvedic Skin Care once a month.
  • It is the perfect gift for teenage, man and woman looking for facial mask treatments, skin detox or acne treatments. Our SMOOTH + GLOW Skin Care Care made of premium superfine clay, and helps reducing signs of ageing.